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Born in Catalonia, our Father Jean Pierre Bazart fell in love in 1997 with a small fifteen hect. estate in Tourreilles, located in the Aude High Valley region of France

The Adventurer – Pierre Carrère

After phylloxera, many winemakers in the south of France tried their luck in North Africa, especially in Algeria. Pierre Carrère set sail for Argentina in the early 1880s, where he built his own “finca” and planted his vines. Before the Michel Rolland & amp; Co, our ancestor had already opted for Mendoza

The return to the country – Jean Doutres

Pierre will return to French Catalonia with his entire family in 1900. His daughter Françoise marries Jean who will try to facilitate the return of the “Argentineans” at home. Unfortunately, all the children of Pierre Carrère, the entire generation, disappear in a tragic event leaving the new family property of Palau del Vidre abandoned.

The Warrior – Francois Morer

Valérie is one of the 3 children of Jean ; Francoise. Shortly after the death of her parents, she married Francois Morer, said Pepe Francois! A force of nature Grandpa François !! A Warrior like no one else … A big fighter on the rugby grounds, Soldier during the 39/45 war during which he is taken prisoner, and tireless worker of his dear lands in Alénya, he also takes over the family property of Palau del Vidre.

The Weighted – Jean Bazart

Ginette Bazart, the only daughter of François and Valérie, marries Jean Bazart, our grandfather. They will develop the family property by multiplying the types of cultures … the vineyards will therefore be added apricots, peaches, tomatoes … The post-war France is rebuilding and many winemakers in the region are diversifying! The vines then go to a second plane

The Combative – Jean Pierre Bazart

Our father Jean Pierre, eldest son of Jean & amp; Ginette, married to Marie Christine, will take care of developing the property a little more towards crop diversification in the early 80’s. But, in 1986, the EU enlarges to Spain and Portugal, and everything changes. ! Jean Pierre sells the family property in 1994 and makes it reborn in 1997 by buying 15 hect of vineyards in one piece in Tourreilles, in the Haute Vallée de l’Aude … The future Domaine Petit Tambour !! Neither the health problems nor the economic and social difficulties of the agricultural world have managed to overcome his desire to create a vineyard worthy of the name.

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Xavier and Maxime Bazart (1979 and 1983).

To us to take the continuation and to work as best as possible to produce, to create the best possible wines !!

Our Passion and Stubbornness led us somehow to create our family cellar “Petit Tambour” and to give life to our first wines in 2015.

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